Age Verification Info

Welcome to our age verification page. We take responsible alcohol service seriously and want to ensure that our products are only accessible to those who are legally allowed to purchase them. You’re seeing this page because we’re required by law to verify your age before granting access to our website. In the UK, it’s illegal for individuals under 18 to purchase alcohol. This law aims to safeguard young people from the harmful effects of alcohol and promote responsible drinking. As a responsible retailer, we are committed to complying with our legal obligations. We have implemented age-verification procedures to prevent underage access to our products. If you believe you’ve arrived on this page in error, please try clearing your cookies and cache, and reloading the page. If issues persist, please contact us for assistance.  

Additional Information

To learn more about UK laws regarding the purchase of alcohol, please visit the Drinkaware website: Thank you for your cooperation in promoting responsible alcohol consumption.