Stuart and Adelle Brown
Deerness Tumbler

Our Distillery

Deerness Distillery is the creation of founders Stuart and Adelle and is situated in the beautiful Parish of Deerness, situated on the east mainland of the Orkney, an archipelago of the northeastern coast of Scotland. The couple have designed and constructed the distillery themselves with the assistance of family, friends and neighbours adding to the ambition of being unique and handcrafted.
Stuart and Adelle are keen to stress that as this will be a small family-run business they can be certain that their personal ethos and values are encompassed into the distillery and ensure that it can operate in harmony with their surroundings in Deerness.

In keeping with the hand crafted element, the deer in the distillery’s logo is an original, designed and lino-cut by their designer, Caroline. This attention to detail has been carried through to bottle labelling, with the designs all being originally drawn and hand cut. The deer was inspired by the knowledge that red deer bones have been found on the Brough of Deerness, a sea stack which is approximately 30 metres high and is part of the Mull Head Nature Reserve, and located just a few miles from the distillery. It is surmised that these bones gave the Parish its’ name and hence the Distillery’s name.

The distillery which has been built on land near the family home can accommodate a number of stills which will initially be used to distil the gin, vodka and rum for which the couple are hoping to build a reputation of being a quality craft distillery, supplying a range of bespoke spirits and liqueurs. The entire production process is carried out in the distillery by hand; from the creation and distilling, to bottling and labelling ensuring that Deerness Distillery spirits and liqueurs are truly handcrafted.
The distillery also has its own range of merchandise which has been sourced and produced by local businesses and packaged using items such as luxury recycled gift bags and ethical tissue paper. This is a testament of Stuart and Adelle’s commitment to the environment and their ethos of supporting small local businesses like themselves.

Deerness still