Lambing – Part 2

Well, I can’t believe a month has gone by and I haven’t written a blog post!  I also can’t believe how time consuming ‘watching’ ewes and looking after lambs would be.  Anyone with children knows that once you’re past the sleepless nights you forget about them…well, that first week after the twin Zwartbles were born I was on night duty.  That meant that during each night I work at about 2am to check the ‘lamb-cam’ that we had rigged up in the lambing shed and then generally I was up early to check them again.  I forgot how grumpy I became with lack of sleep!  Now although these sheep are Olivia’s I offered to do this as I was on holiday from my normal day job and could afford to be grumpy and tired and Olivia is soooo difficult to wake up it was just not worth the hassle 😉.

Olivia having a cuddle with one of the Zwartble lambs, it looks so happy!!

The next ewe to lamb was ‘Aubrey’, she successfully lambed a set of twins, one of each sex all by herself. However, the female lamb was very weak, so the first thing we needed to do was check that April had colostrum and that the lambs were able to find her teats and feed.  She manged this but it was a bit of a struggle to get the lambs feeding, we ended up giving the female lamb some colostrum to boost her and some ‘lamb boost’ this really helped.  After a few days both lambs were doing really well.

This is me making sure the weaker lamb could feed ..


The day after was ‘April’s’ turn.  This was much more eventful!  We’d been keeping an eye on her all day as she had been showing signs of going into labour so we were on hand to help her thankfully.  Her first lamb presented with a nose, mouth and tongue and one foot poking out.  This meant that her lamb needed to be pushed back inside so that the other foot could be found and then the lamb pulled out safely.  Her next one came out no problem and she was a happy new mum to a set of twins, one of each sex!

April and her twins..


All three of the ewes that lambed this year were ‘gimmers’ meaning that they were first time mums, they all took to their lambs brilliantly, looked after them and protected them. We’re very proud of them!

To be continued!