Polytunnel Part 1

So, it is finally here…our blog!!  Stu and I have talked for a long time about sharing our distillery and family adventures with you all.  We’re five years into our distillery adventure and fourteen years into our family adventure, we’d love you to keep checking back from time to time to see what we’ve been up to.

Back in 2017 when we were experimenting with various gin recipes, one thing that was foremost in our minds was that we wanted to have recipes where we could grow most of our botanicals.  This would enable us to be more sustainable and encourage us to have some chill out time gardening.  So, in early 2020 our polytunnel was built for us by our local builder Martin and we love it!  Polytunnels are brilliant here in Orkney, as they provide shelter from the wind – which we have lots of and gorgeous heat – which we don’t get too much of.  We are situated on the coast of the East Mainland of Orkney and although this gives us fantastic views; sea views from our house and distillery, it also means that not too much would grow in an outdoor garden.  Add to that hens, cats and sheep and it’s not an ideal garden for growing fantastic botanicals.

We had little time to work on it after it was finished last Spring, the rest of the year we were kept busy with a combination of on-line orders and homeschooling, but finally this last month or two we have made great progress!  The time lapsed video shows Stu and one of our staff team Rachel building the beds and then getting them ready for planting.  (Apparently this was quite hard work and they had earned a G&T afterwards.)

Next to come is the irrigation system that Stu has designed and vertical growing towers….

We’ll let you know how we get on with those!