National Pet Month Adventures! There’s not just humans in our family – meet our amazing animals!

National Pet Month Adventures With April being National Pet Month, I thought it would be a great time to introduce you to the rest of our family – the non-human kind! Stuart and I have always had cats, sharing our first flat in Brighton we looked after my family cat – Buttons, a beautiful tabby, […]

Choosing Distillery Equipment: Have you ever wondered how our stunning copper stills got their names?

Choosing Distillery Equipment Like furnishing a new house, choosing the new equipment for our fresh new distillery was equally as exciting and with as many options! After careful consideration we settled on three traditional copper alembic stills. Originally the word ‘alembic’ was from the Greek word ‘Ambix’, this meant a vase with a small opening.  […]

Valentine’s Day memories: Winning the perfect Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day memories When we were younger (much younger, this was about 25 years ago!) Stuart and I were ‘courting’ at Brighton University, he was studying engineering whilst I was studying pharmacy.  With Valentines Day around the corner and on a tight budget we didn’t often get each other gifts, but would give a card, […]

Celebrating Burns Night and Australia Day – We’re fortunate to honour both traditions!

Celebrating Burns Night and Australia Day Tuesday 25th January sees us celebrate Burns night and then Wednesday 26th January Australia Day, we are really lucky in our family to celebrate both.  Why do we get both you may ask?  So, Stuart was born in Mt Isa in Queensland, Australia and our three children, Jasmin, Olivia, […]