The Taste of Orkney

Made with extraordinary care and attention, each bottle from Deerness Distillery is a work of perfection.

Ranging from our multi-award winning Orkney gin to our premium classic vodka, our products will take you on a sensory journey and bring home the taste of Orkney to you.


Sea Glass Gin

Sea Glass Gin is our multi-award winning, Orkney gin. Released in Spring 2017, the result of much experimentation, to our friends delight – mostly!

Sea Glass Gin takes you on a pleasurable sensory journey through warm spices, hints of citrus and of course juniper. A reflection of the Orkney Islands’ ever-changing seascape, which is also captured in our beautiful label.

Pair with your favourite Indian tonic water or maybe an elderflower infused tonic. Franklin & Sons Pineapple Mixer with Almond is a must try! Garnish with anything you have handy in your fridge, that’s how we designed it. Blueberries, lemon or kiwi, there is no end to its versatility.

Winner of multiple awards, one in particular stands out:

Winner, Classic Gin Category – Great British Foods Awards 2019, judged by Raymond Blanc who had this to say

“Very interesting on the nose with elements of minerals, salt, sea herbs and
hints of fennel and wheatgrass. This was the most interesting gin out of the lot”


Sea Glass GIn
Scuttled Gin

Scuttled Gin

Scuttled Gin was created and released December 2018 to mark the centenary of the scuttling of the WWI German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow on 21st June 1919 – read more here.

Scuttled Gin is juniper led, followed by a spicy lemon cassia bark with peppery middle notes. With a smooth lavender mint finish to cleanse the palate. Pair it with your favourite Indian tonic, or for those who like a sweet gin, lemonade compliments the spices perfectly. The adventurous among you might like Franklin & Sons Rosemary Tonic with Black Olive!


Vára Gin

Introducing Vára Gin, our Orkney Pink Gin (Vára meaning become spring in Old Norse). Each sip of Vára gin takes you back to the spring time!

Our Vára Gin is a beautifully balanced blend of juniper and tarragon base notes and with the sweetness of rose and vanilla balanced by citrus notes and cardamom.

Perfect serve is ice, natural tonic water garnished with rose petals or elderflower tonic garnished with a lime peel twist.  Or add a splash to your next glass of prosecco for a little something special.

Multi-award winning, and Winner of the Best Flavoured Gin 2021, judge Adam Handling, Award-winning chef and owner commented:

“I loved the rose flavour, it’s one of my favourites. I thought the flavour really shone through; it was one of the best pink gins I’ve tried.”


Vara Gin
Into The Wild Vodka

Into The Wild Vodka

Into The Wild Vodka is our premium classic vodka, launched in Spring 2017. Hand-distilled in small batches, filtered and finished using the purest Orcadian water.

Pair with Lamb & Watt Basil Tonic, lemonade or simply ice and a squeeze of lime.

Multi-award winning of course and voted UK’s best Vodka – Winning the ‘Great British Food Awards 2020’ . Judge chef Richard Bainbridge had this to say:

“This delicious vodka has a clean, crisp and refreshing finish with a beautiful hint of citrus.  Ideal served simply with a good balanced tonic – my kind of vodka. Like the name suggests, a sip reminds you of clearing away the cobwebs with a light breeze.”




Orcadian Moon Coffee Liqueur

 An enticing blended of rum, vanilla and cold compounded coffee results in a multi-award winning coffee liqueur. We use Alfie coffee who air roast their beans, resulting in a smooth finish with no bitterness. 

We’re lucky here in Orkney to have beautiful clear skies and a stunning sea view from our distillery. We’ve tried to capture the moment the full moon shines on our surrounding sea and illuminates the landscape with our bottle label design. We think we’ve done it!

Orcadian Moon can be enjoyed neat on ice, in your next coffee or hot chocolate. Or of course the drink of the moment, martini expresso – yum!

P.S. It’s also Gluten Free!

Having won 5 golds when it was launched, it has also been judged Best Other Spirit in 2020 by The Great British Food Magazine.  Wine buyer and drinks expert Charlie Stein commented:

“There’s a delicious and intense hit of coffee on the nose, very
pure and elegant, which is backed up with a hit of walnut, hazelnut, and some lovely dark chocolate and baking spice.  Really smooth texture without being too sweet and cloying.”

Orcadian Moon