Deerness Distillery – Early Release Casks

Join us on our journey as we continue Orkney’s whisky legacy


Located in the parish of Deerness and established in 2016 as a spirits distillery to produce whisky, gin, vodka and liqueurs. We are now proud to be expanding our multi-award winning distillery with this exciting new development and commence our long awaited whisky portfolio, new café and visitors area. As a family-run distillery, we look forward to carefully crafting exceptional, innovative single malt whiskies with care that will leave a long-lasting legacy.

Situated in the ruggedly beautiful Orkney Islands, Deerness Distillery benefits from a coastal climate that creates the perfect environment for whisky production. With a small deviation in temperature throughout the year, very little is shared with the angels!

With Deerness whisky, you’re not only investing in a delicious, aromatic spirit but also supporting a local, family-run business with a deep connection to the community and the land around them.

Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, we warmly invite you to join us on our whisky adventure and own a piece of whisky history.


Our whisky will be made using the finest ingredients and distilled with precision to create a flavour profile that’s unique to Deerness Distillery. Using moderately peated malt, we will craft our spirit to give our whisky a rich, smoky flavour that’s perfectly balanced with hints of sweetness and spice.


Owning a cask of Deerness Distillery single malt whisky is a truly special experience. You’ll become a part of our whisky adventure and, to ensure your cask is truly memorable, you’ll have the opportunity to personalise your whisky at the all-important bottling stage.

At Deerness Distillery, we believe that the best flavours in our liquid come from the unique characteristics of each cask that contributes to our Deerness new make spirit. We take great care in selecting premium barrels from locations around the world to ensure that our whisky is imbued with the finest flavours, delivering a perfectly balanced dram and an exceptional flavour experience for our customers.


Owning a cask of Deerness Distillery single malt whisky is an experience like no other. It’s not just about buying a whisky – you’re buying a piece of history and joining us on our whisky journey as part of our whisky family!

Left to mature for up to 10 years in our traditional dunnage warehouse overlooking the North Sea, the ocean air will impart an aromatic intensity to your cask, adding to the complexity and depth of your whisky. 

We truly believe that owning a cask of Deerness whisky is an investment in your future, a chance to create something truly unique, and an opportunity to share your love of ‘the water of life’ with friends and family.

Stuart & Adelle Marwick head


As part of our early cask sale release, we are offering a choice of 200 ready-to-fill casks, each filled with our signature moderately peated malt spirit.

For our early release cask sale, you can select from the following:

£4,750 (excl. VAT) – Ex-Bourbon Cask (~200 litres)

£5,000 (excl. VAT) – Ex-Sherry Hogshead (~250 litres)


We’re delighted and proud that so many single malt enthusiasts have already joined us on our whisky journey.

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