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1. How to Leave a Product Review

At Deerness Distillery, your feedback is invaluable to us and our community of spirit enthusiasts.

Sharing your experiences and thoughts about our products helps others make informed decisions and guides us in our continuous quest for excellence.

To ensure that your voice is heard, we’ve made the review process straightforward and secure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to leaving a product review on our website:

Finding the Product

  1. Begin at our Store: Navigate to our shop page
  2. Discover Your Favourite: Scroll through our selection or use the search bar to locate the product you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

Logging In

  1. Access Your Account: To maintain the integrity and authenticity of our reviews, we kindly ask that you log into your account if you are not already logged in. This step is crucial, as it helps us verify your purchase and protects our community from spam
  2. New Around Here? If you’re yet to create an account with us, don’t worry, it’s a quick and simple process. Follow the prompts to join the Deerness Distillery family.

Leaving Your Review

  • Scroll to ‘Reviews’: Once on the product page, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the ‘Review’ section. Click on this tab and you’ll then see a form to fill out and a star rating to choose.
  • Share Your Experience: Here’s where you paint a picture of your journey with our spirits.
    • We cherish your insights and narratives about our creations. We hope that you feel inspired to leave a 5-star review – this would be a crowning reward for our team’s dedication and highly appreciated. Your insights could range from the bouquet of aromas to the symphony of tastes, or even the memories it evoked.
    • Should your experience be anything less, we encourage you to connect with our customer care (Contact Us Page) before leaving us a review. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we are here to elevate your experience to its deserved heights.

Please remember, this platform is exclusively for those who have purchased our products and are logged in—our way of ensuring each review is a genuine reflection of our valued patrons. You will see the following error box if you are not logged in or have not purchased the product online.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you through every step of the process. Your engagement enriches our community, and we’re deeply grateful for your commitment to sharing your Deerness Distillery journey.

Thank you!

The Deerness Distillery Team

2. Where Is My Order?

Embarking on a journey with our spirits from the heart of the Orkney Islands is an adventure of its own.

Our distillery, located on the stunning Orcadian archipelago, caters to spirits lovers worldwide.

The essence of the Orkney Islands empowers our products’ character but may add some days to delivery times.

Furthermore, we hold ourselves to a standard of rigorous care with each order’s dispatch, taking time to ensure perfection. And, occasionally, Orkney’s whimsical weather and ferry schedules may intervene ⛈️

Should you wish to know your order’s whereabouts, we’re just a message away or you can check the tracking provided in your order confirmation email or within your account (will be inside ‘Orders’)

Your satisfaction, as always, is our mandate. Should you have questions, or concerns, or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Even though we are separated by miles, we aim to make you feel like part of our Orkney family. After all, we’re on this journey together.