Tall Tales of Haggis and Birthday Cake – But not at the same time!!

Lion birthday cake

It’s January again! I cannot believe that I started this blog last year and I’ve pretty much kept up to date with it.  Delighted with myself 😊. January always brings with it Burns Night (25th January) and Australia Day (26th January) and of course tales of our Scottish life and life down under.  Just before […]


Orkney is a great place to live, (and visit!) if you love festivals 😊 This month has seen the 32nd annual Orkney International Science Festival www.oisf.org.  When our children were younger, I used to take them to the science festival family day each year.  The year we launched our ‘Sea Glass Gin’ and ‘Into the […]

Have you ever wondered how our stunning copper stills got their names?

Like furnishing a new house, choosing the new equipment for our fresh new distillery was equally as exciting and with as many options! After careful consideration we settled on three traditional copper alembic stills. Originally the word ‘alembic’ was from the Greek word ‘Ambix’, this meant a vase with a small opening.  The vase was […]