We all do it but when did it start? 

Upcycling was a term first used by Reiner Pilz, a mechanical engineer (just like Stuart here at Deerness Distillery).  He used it in a 1994 architecture and antiques magazine, Salvo.  Some people like to upcycle furniture, textiles or common household items and there are plenty of ideas out there. I’ve upcycled furniture, with much spray paint on lamp bases and sewing new items of clothing from old ones.  I love anything like that but it’s just finding the time to do it that’s tricky!

With ‘Global Recycling Day’ on the 18th of March I’ve rounded up my favourite upcycling projects for glass bottles courtesy of Pinterest…. any empty gin bottles lying around?!

Here is a beautiful version of one of our ‘old’ style Sea Glass Gin bottles courtesy of sas_ink_paperie on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sas_ink_paperie/

Sea Glass Bottle with decorative lights

I’m loving these upcycling projects….

Having lived in Australia for many years and thoroughly enjoying our tours around the different vineyards I loved this idea.  I think these bottles are striking planted with succulents.

wine bottles with succulents

Courtesy of https://www.pinterest.co.uk/chretiensa/

How about soaking the labels off your beautiful empty gin bottles, add an easy twine neck hanger and battery fairy lights.  Hey presto… you’ve made yourself a super pretty lantern. These are perfect for taking out to the garden for socialising as our weather starts to get warmer.

decorative hanging bottles with fairy lights

Courtesy of https://www.ilovegin.com/13-creative-ways-to-reuse-old-gin-bottles/

And finally, this is a really useful idea, how about using one of your favourite empty bottles as a soap dispenser? Head on over to The Latina Next Door for full instructions.

Courtesy of http://www.thelatinanextdoor.com/2014/02/13/after-the-booze-is-all-gone/

I have been having a fabulous time browsing on Pinterest and adding to our Distillery’s boards.  If you’re interested in seeing what we pin, head on over to @DeernessDistillery and please feel free to leave comments.

As Spring is coming we’ll be doing plenty of pinning on polytunnels and gardening and hoping I get a chance to try some of them out!

Until next month, happy pinning and enjoying any upcycling you might be doing.

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