Captain Botanicals Navy Strength Gin


Discover the enchantment of “Captain Botanicals Navy Strength Gin,” a spirit brought to life by the creative partnership between Interrupt the Routine’s Robert Blackwood and Deerness Distillery’s Master Distiller Stuart Brown.

Born from the imaginative world of The Gin Chronicles, a comedy series set in the golden era of post-WWII British radio.

Robert Blackwood’s vision was to encapsulate the essence of the series – silliness, slick dialogue, and song – into a unique Gin.

Our “Captain Botanicals Navy Strength Gin” is perfect for crafting impeccable Martinis, Negronis, French 75s, and an extraordinary G&T when paired with Wildleaf Atlas Tonic Water.

As you sip this sublime gin, you’re not just enjoying a premium spirit; you’re toasting the art of storytelling and the timeless appeal of laughter and camaraderie.

Join the adventure with a glass in hand, and become part of the legacy of The Gin Chronicles.

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